10 Fun Things To Do In Budapest

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Published: 11th July 2007
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It's the heart of Europe; it's Queen of the Danube; it's Paris of Hungary; it's your Budapest. Made up of two chief portions; the hills of Buda on the Western part of the Danube, and the flat Pest on the Eastern part of the river, Budapest is the most popular, royal, and inspiring city for you in the Central Europe


Budapest is your destination for majestic museums, gorgeous galleries, terrific theaters, opulent opera houses, beautiful beaches, parks, spas, shopping malls, churches, islands, caves, palaces, etc.

The Millenary Monument - You can visit this repository, designed by Albert Schickedanz and Fulop Herczog, and located at the end of Budapest's loveliest avenue 'Andrássy Street'. The majority of the sculptures symbolizing Hungarian Monarchs and Princes of Transylvania were constructed by György Zala. In the centre, there is a column surrounded by leaders of the seven Hungarian tribes.

Museum of Fine Arts - This is an astonishing museum for you, designed by Albert Schickedanz. Founded in 1896, the museum hosts Egyptian, traditional and also momentary 20th century expositions.

The Margaret Island - You can really have great fun visiting the city's most promising Island. The 2.5 km long, 500 m broad Island with a total area of 225 acres is connected to the city thru Ãrpád Bridge in the north, and Margaret Bridge in the south.

The Royal Palace - You can get the slice of the Hungarian history visiting this palace. Known as the heart of the city, the Royal Palace is a home to valuable, traditional, and historic collections. The munitions of the fort date from the Dark Ages.

The Parliament Building - Constructed at the end of the 19th century, The Parliament Building is just a few minutes' walk from the Chain Bridge, from the Inner City or from Margaret Bridge. The building exterior is decorated with lacy Gothic pinnacles and 88 sculptures symbolizing Hungarian rulers, princes and military commanders.

Dagály Beach - It is one of the best beach complexes of Budapest. It has 10 different pools comprising 2 swimming pools, 2 thermal pools, a spilling pool for kids, a pool for bigger kids, a swimming training pool, and an adventure pool. The surrounding park and the fresh air also help you relax.

Campona - You can really enjoy shopping at Campona. Located on the very outskirts of Budapest, Campona is the most advanced and the best shopping mall in Budapest. You can get all major brands and trendy fashion accessories here.

Club Colosseum - if you hanker for a night out in Budapest, Club Colosseum is your place where you can have sheer feast of fun. You can really enjoy extremely vibrant night scene at this place.

Gellert Hill - It offers you the most adorable panoramic views of Budapest. The Northern hill side is called Taban. The hill's major attractions are the citadel and Liberation Monument.

St.Matthias Church - It rules the Trinity Square and is considered to be the holy place for Hungarians. The old medieval church was used as the place for coronations. It still hides the remains of King Bela III (who reigned from 1173 -1198) and Queen Anne of Chantillon.

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